Ausskylouva, a girl and her dogs

Ausskylouva, a girl and her dogs

Who are you?

My name is Ilana, I am 25 years old and I live in the south of France, in a small village near Béziers. I am a childcare assistant, I work in maternity.

Can you present your Aussie?

Ova is a 2 year old female red tri Australian Shepherd. She is very close to me, very cuddly, always happy! She really loves going on walks with Lou, my second dog ( a Husky/Samoyed mix). We both have a very close relationship, she's always close to me, without it becoming too much, and I love it that way! 😍

Why did you choose the Australian Shepherd?

Before deciding to take an Australian Shepherd, I hesitated with other similar breeds. What made me choose the Aussie, was because I had the chance to meet to meet some duos, talk with them about the good & bad sides of the breed. Their devotion for their handler, being sporty, and being a velcro dog really charmed me!

What is your favorite thing to do with your Aussie?

With Ova I love to travel. We travel by minivan through Europe. We travel on average once a month in search of the most beautiful places that our beautiful planet has to offer! Hiking, swimming, sleeping under the stars, campfire, this is what punctuates our travels and we could not live without it!
Ova likes to learn new tricks a lot too, it has stimulated her mentally and physically and I can see that she really likes to learn. It also strengthens our relationship, I love doing these activity with her.

Do you have a funny anecdote to share with us?

When Ova was little (3 months old) we had gone for a walk in the forest when the sun was starting to set, I lost her for about 15 minutes I had no idea where she had gone I was terrified at the thought of having lost her.
I cried her name hoping that she heard me and that she would come back, in reality she was behind me all that time but since she has the same color as the dirt I do not notice her, I was so ashamed 😂

Did you encounter any difficulties with the education of Ova?

With Ova I did not encounter any difficulties. Before adopting Ova, who is my second dog, I really wanted to complete the education of my first dog Lou. I knew that a second dog, especially a puppy would tend to copy the first a lot. It is something I noticed with Ova! She copied Lou a lot and I only saw positive things. So I never had any problems with it.

Was there anything you weren't prepared for before Ova arrived?

I would say so much love? 😂 I was told that Australian Shepherds were velcro dogs but I didn't think it way that much! Ova takes advantage of every moment she has! To give me a hug, to check that everything is fine (especially when we travel) she overflows with love and kindness!

What advice would you give to a future Aussie owner?

As advice, I would say to be well informed about the breed. Aussie’s are a fashionable breed at the moment, and many end up abandoned because their needs are not met. It is a breed that requires a lot of attention and stimulation. Australian Shepherds also tend to be sensitive so be careful not to fail them in their education.

Do you have any #aussie Instagram accounts that you particularly like to follow?

I love following @swiss.paws, @paulette_en_vadrouille or even @thegoodmutt !

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