What makes a good photo?

  • Be sure your pet's photo is taken in a well lit area. Ideally without a filter and in natural lighting. 

  • Close up and head on, showing as much of the ears, head, neck, and chest as possible. This will allow me to get a good crop of your pets face.

  • Avoid overly filtered or blurry photos. 

Can I have more than one pet in my portrait?

  • All products are limited to one pet. 

Can you draw other pets ?

  • I mainly do dogs but I can also draw other pets. If you have a special request just email me and let's talk about your project ! I will always find a solution

Can I preview before it ships?

  • Yes, You will receive a preview of the final illustration before sending it out on prints! If there are any details that need to be touched up I will modify the drawing. 

What is your turnaround time for custom portraits?

  • I take orders as they come in, the average waiting time is about 3 to 4 weeks. If you need a portrait done urgently send me an email theaussiemom@gmail.com and i’ll see what I can do ! 

I already bought an illustration from you, can i have it re-printed? 

  • Yes, absolutely! I have all illustrations saved in my data base  !